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Return of the Kiss ~ Poem

Gifts from Deep within

Jun 28, 2018


* * *

i remember
that kiss, our kissing, the kiss
your lips and mine meeting, dark night, dirt road from the church
we church guys and gals played a game 'spinning the bottle'
you and i each a coke bottle pointed to, you then i
so you and i walked together into the dark
no one said what to do, or not, you already knew
rigged, the game, someone knew you liked me, wanted me as yours
we stopped far down the road, no words
the first kiss, i knew not yours, your kiss told of experience
this was heaven to that young boy
why this memory? why now? why the feelings? the ache? like your lips share with mine again to remind of something lost, or never gotten and maybe never will, or something precious my heart should never forget
sure, in weeks alone, memories resurrect and surprising feelings arise, one didn't know lurked hidden somewhere inside, didn't know were so strongly alive
but now weeks later, still the kiss, the ache, almost tears
have i missed something i can never now have?'
possibly can or will still, if i choose?'
am i being offered another chance?'
possibly you're a sacrament, a means of longing Grace'
possibly you speak to me of unlived life, i've somehow not lived'
possibly i'll never know
but i'll keep listening, keep feeling
in case you've returned for a reason
maybe in being with you, being with you will open my heart to hear, to see why you've returned after all these years'

*Brian K. Wilcox. Return of the Kiss. June, 26.2018.

* * *

As we move deeper into the Heart of Life, we become stronger, so able to be more vulnerable, more receptive to subtle movements of Grace. We never know what will arise out of the Silence. If something moves us deeply, a something not from mind but deeper, we need to listen, to live with it, to wait patiently to receive whatever gift it has for us. We may never know. We may. Regardless, the listening and feeling is important. Even the recollection of feelings and memories of a kiss can be given us, an apparently mundane happening, but holding within a gift glowing with the Wisdom of Life. And if bread and wine can be a sacrament of unseen Grace, why not a kiss?


* * *

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