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One Before You ~ Who & Whom & Neither

Apr 23, 2018


If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.

*Mother Teresa

* * *

The monk was enjoying Silence in the chapel. Suddenly, he saw Christ in a vision. This far exceeded any revelation he had dreamed possible for him. While in rapt awe, a voice came from behind, another monk: "Brother Martin, time for you to feed the poor." The poor waited daily for food, after the monks ate. This day was Brother Martin's day to feed them.

This saddened Brother Martin. He wanted to remain with the Christ, and fulfill his duty to feed the poor.

Reluctantly, Brother Martin arose to fulfill his duty. He fed the poor, somewhat halfheartedly, and hurried back to the chapel. He had little hope the Christ would still be there.

He sat down, closed the eyes, the Christ appeared, again. He heard words, as before, "Brother Martin, if you had not gone and fed me, I would not have been here waiting for you upon your return."

where is
the Christ? the Buddha?
brother? sister?
father? mother?
lover? beloved?

same question
one and many answers

look right before you, see
into and through those eyes

neither and more

one Presence
many faces
many disguises

the Christ... the Buddha
brother... sister...
father... mother...
lover... beloved...

I ask you ~
who is not?

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