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Absence & Presence & Below & Prior to

Jul 6, 2018

All is Welcome Here

Living in Love beyond Beliefs

We Share One Life, We Are One Life


in the
of 'God'


not the same
not separate

pour the drink
from the cup
the cup is still full
simply a different fullness
(life is always full of some form of Life)

in quietness, stillness
sink into the sense of absence
(allow movement through any felt-agitation)
what does this feel like?

in quietness, stillness
relax into the sense of presence
(allow movement through any felt-clinging)
what does this feel like?

clinging to one you miss
receptive to either
nothing really changes but the sense of

you become as comfortable
with absence as presence

you discover
what you have called presence or absence
is only a passing sensation

sensations of presence or absence
form like bubbles on the surface of consciousness
from underlying causes and conditions
and disappear as naturally as they arose

you can explore
'what is the ground of presence and absence?'
before all causes and conditions
giving birth to passing states of body and mind
formless becoming form

if you arrive at a word
like 'God' or 'Beloved' or 'Creator' or 'Father' or 'Mother'
see that in the mind is a concept
drop deeper until there is no name or title
to hold to ~ rest there, feel there

allow the feeling of this
formlessness to surround and pervade you
welcome this as your home
where you yourself come from this and every moment
'what is this feeling not a sensation in contrast to other sensations?'

when not greedy
for presence or absence
one rests in equanimity, enjoying pure Presence
equally present always, everywhere, just forming differently,
for not subject to causes and conditions
but the Ground of all arising and disappearing moment-to-moment

we practice this
for clinging to particular qualities of experience
leads to suffering


living in communion with
apparently contrasting qualities of experience
leads to inner peace
and deeper appreciation of Life
and ourselves as part of that Life manifesting

to say 'God' is seen
to be the formless Life
creatively pervasive, the potency
before thoughts of personal and impersonal
or here or not here,
causing potential to appear and disappear
in one deathless embrace

Suddenly my path becomes a bit more unclear..

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The Sacred in Me bows
to the Sacred in You


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