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Border Crossings ~ An Intimate Sharing

Living with Wonder and Gratitude

Page 7

as you walk
there is no destination
the path is from infinite to infinite
the way each step is in this one infinite
you cannot separate or be separate
from This

in fact, deep down
you are This
for you are that intimate with It

the past, the future
there is not
both arise now

do not be distracted from the gift of the present
do not dread potential calamities
do not regret past mishaps
do not hug the fake comfort of past hurts

once in a while look back in now
and see how what hurt so much
is now known as a very holy place
that even the moment of being broken open
was the moment of rebirth

do not cling to plans for tomorrow
let tomorrow show itself
always now ~
the path is dynamic, alive, breathing, like you
not a motionless, pulseless thing laid out to walk on
in fact, you discover you are the path, and all is the path ~

for tomorrow never is
tomorrow always shows itself an illusion

in this way
life is an adventure ~
how could it be boring?

in this wisdom
you live with expectation
in wonderment of what is and may become

in this moment, and each succeeding
the Way meets you
showing you the gifts it is offering
simply for your saying "Yes"

and with "Yes"
you find yourself
out of the way of complaint
living the way of "Thank You!"

you see, you come to know deep down
all Nature is meeting you
giving Itself to you ~
the Way loves you, is loving you ~

you celebrate
all as a Gift
embracing all, as you have been and are embraced

how, then, dear one
could you ever be
truly alone or lost in this world?

how, then, beloved one
could you ever fear death as final goodbye
as though this infinite Life could ever end?

And some say paradise is elsewhere...

*Brian Wilcox. 'And some say paradise is elsewhere...'. Flickr

(C)Brian K. Wilcox, 2019

Quote from Antonio Machado, in Estelle Frankel. The Wisdom of Not Knowing, cited as from Betty Jean Craige, ed. and trans., “Proverbios y Cantares CXXXVI” [Proverbs and Songs 29], Campos de Castilla (1912), in Selected Poems of Antonio Machado.

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Lotus of the Heart > Path of Spirit > Way of Wonder and Gratitude > Page 7

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