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Kiss of Light~Let's Get Blown Away

Dec 26, 2019

Saying For Today: Love we are born within and born for, and together we learn how to be and share this beautiful Grace.

Androscoggin River Series no. 10

*Brian Wilcox. 'Androscoggin River Series no. 10'

Where love is genuine, belonging is always mutual. The beloved belongs to the lover, as the lover belongs to the beloved. I belong to this universe and to the divine "Yes" that is its Source, and this belonging is also mutual. This is why I can say "my God"ónot in a possessive sense, but in the sense of a loving relatedness. Now, if my deepest belonging is mutual, could my most fervent longing be mutual, too? It must be so. Staggering though it is, what I experience as my longing for God is Godís longing for me. One cannot have a personal relationship with an impersonal force. True, I must not project on God the limitations of a person; yet, the Divine Source must have all the perfections of personhood. Where else would I have gotten them?
*David Steindl-Rast. The Way of Silence: Engaging the Sacred in Daily Life.

* * *

Christmas Day I prepare the gift bag of varied items I bought prior~socks, a diary, a book for leisure reading, rose-scented soap, and soaks. I write a positive message of encouragement and affirmation for her in a card. I have not met her, I may never meet her. She is entering a newly-founded house for healing for women. I was blessed to be part of its blessing only weeks before. I feel a quiet blissfulness in preparing this for this dear one. I feel gratitude that I have been blessed with enough money that I now feel more free to give to others. Doing this felt good, yet I did not give it to feel good. I gave it for this gift is a way of communicating Love. And, as I told a friend when preparing the gift bag, "Love is the only thing that heals."

Later, I read some of my favorite words, from Marianne Williamson. These words I read years ago in one of my favorite all-time reads, A Return to Love: "We are not held back by the love we didn't receive in the past, but by the love we're not extending in the present." And I realize, clearly, that I am healing too, and in the gift prepared is healing not only for her, but for me.

While I could complain about not being loved in the past the way I had longed for, as well as my own failure to do so, that is all in the past. Love is eternal, so always in the present, and so is the healing when we open our heart anew and give as an expression of that Love. Love we are born within and born for, and together we learn how to be and share this beautiful Grace.

* * *

So, this Love and this healing is, as said, always now. No one is the accumulation of successes or failures from the past. And the only way to live in love with Love well, and share that, is to live in this moment, saying "Welcome" to now and "Goodbye" to then. Each return to now, in gracefulness toward yourself, or anyone, is a return to the one place Love is and remains waiting for us, for everyone.

* * *

Stay out of the shade, my Love,
Come out, Iím waiting,
Quit curling up under the brush,
Never return,
Decide that now, not later,
Donít wait for anyoneís permission,
Lose all your friends, if you must,
Let your family think you weird, if you must,
Become a fool to your religion, if you must,
Be declared insane, if you must,
Be lonely, if that is the consequence,
There is no time to delay,
Why delay when the Light waits outside to kiss you?

Only the Sun can keep you smiling
In a world like this;
Only Love deserves your allegiance,
Anywhere you bow is where your Heart waits for you...
Love - all else will, finally, forsake you.
Do you dare listen to me?

Why fear?
But if fear, fear can lead you to the open air
to breathe the Light.

Donít go and get a book
To learn how to write a few lines of verse;
An orchestra is already playing -
evocative, suggestive, alive with Breath -
Listen to your Heart!

God - She - peeped out, with a smile said:
What will be your reply?...

Listen! a Rose just opened Her body in Here -
petals are falling like stars all over the place.
Just listen. Hush! See Grace shining everywhere.

*Brian K. Wilcox. "Kiss of Light."

* * *

Become ashes, and never repent. Or, one can choose a prosaic existence and call that life. I would rather have a lively death, dying by and into Love, than a deadly life, closed in on myself in fear of opening the heart to the world. I aspire then, and pray... So, Spirit. So, Love. So, to be kissed by the Light.

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©Brian Kenneth Wilcox 2019.


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