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Aug 11, 2019

Saying For Today: God seems to like to dance a lot, and who wants to dance alone?

beautiful aloneness

*Brian Wilcox. 'beautiful aloneness'. Flickr

A continuance of dialogues with a sage who did not see himself as a sage, but others did; from Brian K. Wilcox. "Meetings with an Anonymous Sage."

* * *

You mentioned our sharing on the difference between union and oneness. What's that difference?

If you contemplate, "From where arises the thought or sense of separation?", you see there is a source. Separation cannot source itself, for it involves more than one. If you inquire, "The communion of two or more, from where does it arise?" Again, you logically conclude a source, seeing that the experience of two or more cannot, for still being separate, source themselves. In both these cases, the source would have to be sources, but, then, from where arises this separation of sources? A more simple ground for the separation both in separation and union, or communion, is logically necessitated by duality. Pure Simplicity is the ground of duality, which even in communion is still manifested as a less apparent separation than in what I call separation.

Then, what of one?

Inquiry can show One cannot have multiple sources, or there would be multiple ones, which is a logical contradiction. So, Reality is One.

Is this the same as saying, "God is One"?

Yes, just so "God" is not meant to mean an image, a mental idea, what has been called a God-image, which is a form of mental idolatry, or what I call, also, ideaolatry. Logically, the evolution of the idea and experience of God moved from polytheism (many gods and goddesses), to devotion to one though there are still many (henotheism), to there is one deity only (monotheism). The Universe is not stupid, but quite logical, after all, in showing us Truth, even if it takes a long time for us to see.

I still don't understand oneness being other than union, as union is often used for oneness.

Union is the coming together of a separation into a sharing, but the separation is not transformed into a oneness. Again, the image of copulation, one still is oneself and one is the other self. Spiritually, one may transcend the separation, but likely this rarely happens in sex, regardless of how blissful the sharing ~ so in life, likewise. God seems to like to dance a lot, and who wants to dance alone?

So, that means to experience God is to experience oneness. And, so, the path is toward the experience of this oneness?

Listen carefully, carefully... You can experience separation. ... You can experience union. ... You cannot experience oneness. Oneness cannot be an experience ~ such as, seen, heard, tasted, felt, touched, thought about... ~, for Oneness is. It is not even logical for me to say to you, "Be one," "Remain in oneness," anything like that. How can one choose to be what one is? One can choose experiences, but not non-experience? You can, however, relax into this non-experience. In this relaxing a knowing, or knowingness, but this cannot be put into words, for words only arise in duality. This is a reason silence is so important in Truth revealing Itself.

This is making more sense.

Good, but recall my words are only an invitation. The guide provides words to help relax the mind, but do not stop at what you call sense. That is only a means to relax, for Truth to manifest. That sense of something making sense can easily become a hindrance to Truth. Never cling to the words of a spiritual guide. Nothing I say is the Truth, regardless of how helpful.

Before we meet again, I urge you to contemplate this...

One cannot
see Itself


One can
see only Itself

That sounds impossible.

This is like a koan, though I prefer not to call it such. Yet, when you receive insight into this apparent paradox, you see it is neither impossible nor a paradox. Paradox is of the mind, it sees Truth as contradictory. This Truth is not of the mind. Wise guides use paradox, for paradox is the last step into the leap into oneness, which is Truth. So, again, contemplate this verse, the apparent paradox. Do not try to escape the apparent paradox. Relax into it. Let the Truth show you Itself. Do this, knowing the experience of Truth is not Truth. Truth is Truth.

Before we conclude for today, is there a key to entering this allowing Truth to show Itself?

Be drawn by the love of Truth, your love of Truth and Truth's love of you, one love. This love draws the Truth close to you and you close to the Truth, even as such love leads you from the bounds of mind into the boundlessness of Being.

She still stands strong

*Brian Wilcox. 'She still stands strong'. Flickr

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