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The Search ~ entering on the knees

Aug 12, 2019

Saying For Today: No one is welcomed into the most Holy except one who enters on his or her knees.

One & Many

*Brian Wilcox. 'One & Many'. Flickr

A continuance of dialogues with a sage who did not see himself as a sage, but others did; from Brian K. Wilcox. "Meetings with an Anonymous Sage."

* * *

Mind, once swallowed by the Heart,
is burped up as silence and peace.

*Mooji. Writing on Water.

I seem to be going nowhere with my practice. No matter what I do, how hard I try, I seem to be stuck.

Based on how you relate with the path, the path relays messages back to you. "Stuck" is one of the messages. Do not complain, rather listen.

Any other advice?

I am not into giving advice. I simply point in a direction, you do with that what you choose. Are you willing to cease the complaining, and listen?


Consider this verse, from an ancient Chinese sage...

Though I searched all day for spring,
I could not find it. Carrying my staff,
I crossed over mountain after mountain.
Coming back home,
I happened to grasp a spray of plum blossoms.
There I saw spring, blooming at its tip.

What do you hear?

Spring was where he already was, the search was futile.

The search is never futile, that too is the dance of Life. The poet came upon the Truth, for he was prepared by the search to cease the search, to see. When you are prepared to stop looking, you see. The one Supreme Being has no address, for anywhere and everywhere is home. Still, the search is part of the path, for the futility of the search shows the wisdom of the search.

So, I just stop the search, and what I sought is found.

What you most seek is never found, you are that found. And you never know when or how, or how long until realization dawns on you. In the poem the poet says he "happened to grasp" the small limb on which were the blossoms. Then, he saw what he had sought. And in such a small place, the "tip." If he had not been prepared by the search, he would have missed this quite ordinary revelation of Truth. And, as with the poet, you will be surprised. He simply reaches out and holds the limb, and this sets in motion the dawning of Truth. Who would have dreamed? We are quite unprepared for the surprising, very ordinary ways Grace will appear to show us Itself. We look for the spectacular, and we are attracted to the spectacular stories of persons who claim to have been awakened spiritually. Rather, be prepared for the unspectacular, subtle way in which Life might unveil Its beauty to you.

So, you're saying for me to stop the search now.

No, I am saying you will not until you get so frustrated and exhausted with the search that your will to keep up the search is dissipated. Then, you will be ripe for the dawning of the ever-present Light. You will see you are already, have always been, in the embrace of the Beloved.

Like banging on a door, until I realize no one is going to open.

Yes. The door opens... then. This is like saying, you cannot demand God to appear. The demand itself keeps God in hiding. Your true Nature does not appear by command. Remember, we keep returning to this one word many disdain, consider a sign of weakness, but it may be the most courageous act one can make in the human life ~ surrender. The search is to frustrate, literally the hell out of the ego, so the ego will bow before the heaven of the Absolute. The hell of the ego is the suffering arising from pride, the heaven of the Absolute is the taste of the Absolute Itself. This is known only by the humble. No one is welcomed into the most Holy except one who enters on his or her knees. So, be humble, surrender, and you will carry within you and upon you the perfume of Grace.

* * *

When will you stop dallying with spiritual ideas and practices
and fall helplessly into the arms of Grace
No one ever enjoyed a meal
by eating a menu
No one makes love with the Beloved
fascinated with fantasies of the Beloved
You can't give yourself to the Beloved
at a distance, so,
Don't just admire the beauty of the Beloved, say,
"Here, have all of me"

the blooming of Innocence

*Brian Wilcox. 'the blooming of Innocence'. Flickr

(C)Brian K. Wilcox, 2019

Poem is from unknown poet, possibly Tai-i of the Sung dynasty. Poem derived from Shundo Aoyama. Zen Seeds

The theme of "Lotus of the Heart" is 'Living in Love beyond Beliefs.' This work is presented by Brian K. Wilcox, of Maine, USA. You can order Brian's book An Ache for Union: Poems on Oneness with God through Love, through major online booksellers.


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