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This Momentous Realness

Rapt in Childlike Wonder

Jul 4, 2018

All is Welcome Here

Living in Love beyond Beliefs

We Share One Life, We Are One Life

Walk Away...

I am reading, enjoying a quiet morning. Suddenly, again, all stops. The self feels into this fresh arising, as before. No boundaries, no time, only spaciousness. What? No answer arises, only what this might be. What might be is not an answer. Nothing is. When everything stops, what is, was, or is to be? No reply. Rest here, and remember once more.

Now, always
bleeding beyond picture-frame words,
even 'God'.

* * *

The Moment manifesting as so real,
I am awed spontaneously by the Realness,
is an epiphany of Eternity erupting - even, disrupting -
into the sequential moments of my life, leaving
only one Moment, this Moment.

Here, the Timeless, otherwise sensed as undergirding
the flow of fragments called time or sequence of events,
raises a voiceless Voice and speaks Itself into this world
like quiet thunder among all other selves and
as the self-knowing of all selves.

In that moment appearing,
I sense the Moment, this Love,
is the only Realness I can reasonably choose to live
and It gives meaning to finitude, frailty, lostness
amid the chaos I share in with others.

In some way, then, that I cannot speak,
with this eruption of Presence,
a disruption of my sense of self ~
what others see me to be, I see myself to be ~
and of what otherwise appears as real,
I am confronted or caressed, or both,
by a Totally Otherness, awed into childlike wonder.

And though I have devoted my life to the practice of Silence,
rarely does this Realness manifests in this thunderous way
during times set aside for quietness in Prayer.
I have sensed such practice of Silence prepares me
to receive the Manifestation among and through and with others.

And I, as well as you, are part of the Realness ~
not sameness, yet not separation.
Rarely do we see this, for
we see our bodies and thoughts conditioned
by time and its history.
We see ourselves as becoming, and we are
only for we are within the Realness
so disruptive for It comes but cannot become ~
we are timeless being in time becoming, while
becoming is for being is prior.

(Shall I say... we each and together are
'God' becoming?
Yes, even as 'God' is our becoming.)

So, possibly, what we most fear is Love,
not as something outside us or for us to give or receive,
but as That We Are, for 'God' Is What 'God' Is.

Possibly, if we saw the momentous Realness of our selves,
we would be in awe of ourselves.

Possibly, our avoidance of 'God' is our avoidance of
ourselves, our beauty, our glory, our grace.

Possibly, our avoidance of 'God' is seen in our
persistent need to image 'God' in the image of who we think
ourselves to be, not who we are in 'God' and
in one another.

Possibly, our existential lostness is a derivative,
not our true state.
If so, the more I embrace the lostness, the more I witness to
who I am, who we are, who 'God' is.

So, to come to 'God', is to come to myself,
but not as myself alone, but myself with you, as you.

And to come to myself is to come to 'God'.
To see One is to see all,
as to see anything
is to see a revelation of Love ~
as, or more holy, than any words in any holy book.

Love is the momentous Realness,
not the love of
romantic novels,
or emotions.

Love is awe-inspiring,
for Love is Eternity, immaculate Beauty.
And as Eternity, Love by nature disrupts
our sense of time and its appearance of realness,
of who we see ourselves to be as events in time.

When I cease to see myself as an event in time,
whom do I see myself to be?

Who am I?

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The Sacred in Me bows
to the Sacred in You


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