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this wild loving

Aug 19, 2019

Saying For Today: This loving, sane eccentricity can only arise from the Heart, for the Heart can express equally everywhere, for it belongs nowhere. No one can capture the Heart. When you are holy crazy, no one can control you. Yet, you are not merely stubborn. You are profoundly loving. You are the captive of Grace.

Everyone Belongs... Together

*Brian Wilcox. 'Everyone Belongs... Together'. Flickr

A continuance of dialogues with a sage who did not see himself as a sage, but others did; from Brian K. Wilcox. "Meetings with an Anonymous Sage."

when Life begins to happen without interference
there is only adventure
one said, Jesus,
you don't know where the wind comes from or goes
so, Holy Spirit, is Sacred Wind ~ can't be tamed ~
so, jump, yelling "Hooray!" into the crazy currents
and be blown like a kite into who knows where
out-of-your-control and gracefully-in-Grace
Yes! this Ecstasy of Life

* * *

The nonconformity of the Self, the non-person, is really not nonconformity at all, even as it is not interested in conformity. So, let us meet beyond, so before, conformity and nonconformity. Here, from the heart, hearts-with-hearts, we can have a revolution, not political, but a revolution of Love, a sacred revolution. Does this sound crazy? I hope so. I truly hope so. What a blessing! to live crazy, to die crazy, crazy in Love.

* * *

Many in the crowed said, "He [Jesus] is demon-possessed, he is raving mad (or, out of control)! Why listen to him?!"

*Gospel of John 10.20

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* * *

Yesterday, you spoke of this giving of self to the Beloved as crazy and wild love. Now, that sounds crazy and wild, what you said. Please clarify.

Yes, I said "wonderfully crazy, beautiful craziness, and wild loving." They are the same. Crazy means, literally, "broken, impaired, full of cracks or flaws." So, crazy is "eccentric," or outside-the-center, when compared with what is considered the normal. But normal is relative. Who decides normal? Persons who are in the majority normal. From the sense-of-person, persons look for consistency, they see cracks and flaws as a problem, something to be resolved, they label it with a taboo. Someone mentally ill, for example, might see the so-called un-mentally-ill ones as the mentally ill ones. But, spiritually, craziness is acting so that one is seen to have cracks and flaws, or is acting foolishly, while from the perspective of spiritual sanity, he or she is acting wisely, just a wild wisdom. As I said, "wild loving." So, yes, we need more craziness in our world, a lot more. I think, unless we act more with a sane craziness, we might well eventually destroy ourselves on this planet. We may do this by destroying our home, Earth.

Have you ever been treated as crazy like this?

Yes, often. When a chaplain, for example, persons would look at me as though confused at how a chaplain could be as I was being. I acted rather free, refusing to act like an image of a chaplain. I did not believe there was any one way for a chaplain, or anyone, to act. We each are here to dance a different dance. If you model your dance on others, you will forfeit your dance. That is sad. Live your life. Live your life, not to prove anything, not to be different, but simply for your way is your way. Your way is one way Grace manifests in the world. So, you can do this in love for others. But to do it in rebellion, that is adolescent. That proves nothing, but that one is being childish.

Were they disagreeing with your behavior?

No, only being confused. I, actually, had a very positive relationship with them. Almost everyone where I worked and I were on speaking and laughing terms together, enjoying our sharing. I felt a lot of love flowing. That was wonderful. Freedom invites a spaciousness to be, to act, without sticky self-consciousness, without others feeling they are being monitored for everything they say and do. Your freedom meets their freedom. It is beautiful!

So, as to "wild loving," what do you mean by "wild"?

Free. What would happen if you walked out into a storm wind and told it to stop? Or held out an open bottle to a gentle breeze and said, "Get in here"? So, you cannot expect a being in love with the Beloved to be able to be managed by what is considered normal or convenient to others. Normality is highly over-rated! To play a role, a wise being cannot do that. Ego can do that. Not wise beings.

I would like to be more crazy, more wild, in this way. How?

If you draw close to the Heart of hearts, to Grace, the Supreme, you will become more and more crazy. God is absolutely crazy. How can you not be a crazy God and be the source of both theism and atheism? Buddha was crazy. He was so crazy, at first he decided not to teach, after his enlightenment. He knew persons would fail to fathom his insight. Jesus was crazy, and he was killed for it. Many crazy people get killed. Being crazy can be a huge threat to the status quo. Craziness exposes the hypocrisy of the status quo, the fictional, consensual normal. The spaciousness I referred to above, is a space in which harmony can crystallize. Everyone can be crazy, and being yourself is okay there. You are true, real, authentic. Integrity is so much more than telling the truth, it is being true. Status quo encourages a duplicitous environment, for we are not made simply to conform.

This sounds like it could lead one to being alone.

If you manifest the craziness of wakefulness, you do this in a sleeping world ~ of course, you will be alone, even surrounded by many. How many persons want to wake up to the truth they are not a person, that they are playing the role of person? How many what to get real with God, rather than trying to play the religion game? The ego does not want to wake up, when it is fascinated with its dreams. The ego does not mind visiting the holy sites linked with Jesus, but to meet Jesus now, here, how about that? The ego even gets fascinated with so-called bad dreams. Just look at the popularity of horror movies and how news reporting now is almost all bad news reporting. This is the frivolousness we have spoken of before. Craziness is like pouring cold water on a slumbering ego. Craziness is a profound, basic sanity.

One last question on this. Could this become selfish?

This craziness is filled with compassion. This has been called in Tibetan Buddhism "Crazy Wisdom." So, that arises in a path linking compassion with insight. Also, one is prepared over time by the path to be prepared for this craziness. Recall, I said, you place yourself in the mouth of the Beloved and request to be eaten, to become the Beloved. Yet, if one is trying to be crazily wise, all he or she will prove is looking foolish. Still, this craziness itself is free of that, for filled with love, so I said "wild loving." This is somewhat like two lovers making love. As a totally detached person, not knowing what is really going on, this would stun you. This looks absolutely insane, two otherwise well-behaved persons acting wild all over the bodies of each other. Yet, within the act of loving, this is totally sane. Related to your question is the ego trying to be crazy compassionately is egoic. You cannot even decide, as person, what your particular look of craziness needs to be. This all must be shown you, in time, when Grace gives this to you, not before. In fact, when you are manifesting this lovely, loving craziness, you, at first, will not know. When you see it, you will see it has been manifesting for some time prior. You are the instrument of the Beloved, yet you never know the particular tune that will come flowing out of your being. If you try to create it yourself, well, what are you going to get? A fake.

Why know later?

For it is not self-conscious. Meaning, this craziness is arising out of the intimacy we have been speaking of, not out of the thought of being a person. A person cannot be crazy, if one tries as a person, that will only be stupidity, not loving craziness. This loving, sane eccentricity can only arise from the Heart, for the Heart can express equally everywhere, for it belongs nowhere. No one can capture the Heart. When you are holy crazy, no one can control you. Yet, you are not merely stubborn. You are profoundly loving. You are the captive of Grace. But, again, you will be alone in this world, yes you will. So, welcome being alone, say "Yes" to the grace of craziness, of wildness. Then, you can really bless the world, in just the way the Beloved moves through you to touch the lives of others. In fact, it can seem as though you are simply looking at this powerful, loving craziness acting ~ the person is, at best, only an observer here.

May we all live together, in Peace!

We each have a place

*Brian Wilcox. 'We each have a place'. Flickr

(C)Brian K. Wilcox, 2019

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*Etymology of "crazy" from "Online Etymology Dictionary."


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