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The Delicious Essence ~ Seeing through Lens of Love

Feb 13, 2020

a winter epiphany

*Brian Wilcox. 'a winter epiphany'

A Sufi tale...

A Sufi went on pilgrimage to Mecca. On the outskirts of the city, he lay himself down by the road, being fatigued from the long walk. Barely had he fallen asleep, when an irate pilgrim awakened him, complaining, "This is the time when all believers bow their heads toward Mecca, but you have your feet pointed toward the holy shrine instead! What sort of Muslim are you?!" The Sufi did not move, he merely opened his eyes and spoke, "My dear Brother, would you do me a favor by placing my feet where they won't be pointing to the Lord?"


A woman attended Mass each morning for many years. She missed one morning. She went to Confession later that day. "Father," she said, "I have sinned. Please pray for me to be forgiven." "My child, how have you sinned?", asked the priest. The woman said, "I missed Mass this morning." The priest replied, "Dear one, I will not pray for God to forgive you for missing Mass. I will pray for God to forgive you for thinking God cares that you missed Mass."

* * *

A spiritual path is not essentially about what we are to do, it is about how we are to be. We can miss this, even as we can forfeit enjoyment of the delicious Essence by chewing on the bland rind of ought nots and oughts. Form is only the means to formless, and to the Formless to love. Better than keeping the expectations of a way for one has been told what one is to do to be true to the path, is to so being in Love that one is loving and acts with loving devotion whether seen to be faithless or faithful to a way. The principal test of fidelity to the Way, then, is not what one does or how he or she does it, but that one loves.

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