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You exposed ~ a beautiful revelation

intimacy with intimacy

Aug 29, 2018

naked II

True intimacy never happens between a person and a person, never arises from any individual to or with another individual. Persons cannot tolerate or sustain intimacy. That not a person has no need to tolerate intimacy, for that is naturally, effortlessly intimate. We could say, intimacy arises from Intimacy, so from more subtle than the body, with its mental and emotional capacities. In intimacy between or among, Intimacy joins with Intimacy, for Intimacy is a happening by Its own nature. Intimacy, also, arises in varied capacity between human and non-human and non-human with non-human, intimacy being a capacity within of all beings.

* * *

you a revelation
a much as
any holy book or holy place
you a breathing unveiling
of splendorous Grace

* * *

My eyes moved through the books, I opened one just taken off the shelf. And opening, the words spoke resoundingly, "We long to expose ourselves." I felt the truth. I tasted the bliss, the joy of exposure.

I see the return to "Eden" is return to the bliss of letting myself be seen, really seen, not with the eyes of matter but the eyes of Spirit. To be open, naked, and seen is the deep yearning of the human, reverberating in all our false intimacies.

* * *

Spirituality, then, is not about hiding so to be safe from being seen, but about coming out of hiding. This does not mean trusting everyone, telling all, but this does mean being moved through the fear into the naked revelation of who you truly are. Then, you do not need to try to be yourself or prove to anyone you are yourself, for you know you are, and that is enough, is Fullness, is Godness.

Those with eyes to see will see the grace of the Light shining through your grand and joyful humbleness. Do not try to be seen, relax into the joy of being.

The Sun shines for the Sun is the Sun. Effort to appear as you are hides who you are. Trust who you are, not what you appear to be.

* * *

Who, or what, is this that you are, not appear to be? We can only point to it, we cannot say it or write it or sing it or paint it or make it show itself. So, Mooji, in Vaster than Sky, Greater than Space, offers wise words of pointing, to draw attention to this timeless you, this untouched Grace...

You may ask, “Does it move about? Does it have a will?”
It is ancient, and yet, it doesn’t feel old.
It was the very same a thousand years ago as it is today.
It is ever smooth, ever fresh.
It is timeless—yesterday, today, and tomorrow
mean nothing to it.

* * *

What does this have to do with Love? Well, do you want an illusion of you to be loved, or you? Would you not rather be loved, than something you pretend to be to be loved? I prefer the risk of being exposed, for I know what is exposed is beautiful to those who see from the Heart. As the Christ said, "That born of the flesh is flesh, that born of the Spirit is spirit." When one truly sees you, they see spirit, they see Spirit. Yet, an effort to be seen is a self-effort and hides that you are an expression of so much more than a single self. So, release any need to be seen.

And any awakening, liberation, enlightenment, salvation is not getting a you that is spirit, but a coming forth of that you have always been and cannot not be ~ spirit of Spirit. So, in seeing you, they see the one spirit, indeed the one Grace, that is the essence of everyone.

* * *

There is no individual spirit. In seeing you, one sees himself or herself, sees everyone. So, true intimacy is a happening that is not individual with individual, but spirit with spirit. And realizing you are that spirit, that Grace, you need not fear anyone seeing you, anyway they are not seeing a you. And in seeing you, the other sees himself or herself, and Love can dance with likeness and likeness, Love and Love.


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The Sacred in Me bows
to the Sacred in You


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