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Confusion & Clarity

to & beyond the threshold of Truth

Aug 29, 2019

Saying For Today: Confusion is an invitation to listen from the heart, or true Self, not the ego, or sense of person.

so close, so close

*Brian Wilcox. 'so close, so close'. Flickr

A continuance of dialogues with a sage who did not see himself as a sage, but others did; from Brian K. Wilcox. "Meetings with an Anonymous Sage."

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Higher reasoning uses the mind as a tool to clear up the confusion. However, at a certain point there is no more need of this type of reasoning. Only celebration remains, and it is expressed according to one’s skills, tendencies, and God-given talents.

*Francis Lucille. The Perfume of Silence.

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Yesterday, you said you are not an agnostic. At times you talk like one, at other times like a Christian, at times a Buddhist, or Hindu. Sometimes you speak of God, sometimes love, or life, sometimes other words for the Absolute. All this is confusing.

First, it was not said I am or am not an agnostic, but that agnosticism is a belief system. With that clarification aside... Confusion arises in mind. In fact, the word "confusion" derives from a word meaning "to mix up." Consistency in thought is disrupted. The mixing up is within, an inside job. Nothing I say or do can confuse anyone. A guide may say or do things to set the stage for confusion to arise, but he or she does not have the power to confuse you, no one does, nothing does. Confusion signals something unresolved within. When truth and belief meet, it is inevitable confusion arises at times, for belief is not the same as truth and is often misleading as to the nature of truth. Confusion itself is neither good nor bad, indeed, though, often essential to cross the threshold to insight. The way we mis-see is challenged, for us to see. Beyond your thoughts, and before, is Truth. Confusion is an invitation to listen from the heart, or true Self, not the ego, or sense of person.

So, I'm to blame for the confusion. Is that so?

No blame. If the sense of blame feels present within, it is arising within.

I need, however, to rid myself of it?

No, it will rid itself of you, when you allow it. How many times in your life have you felt blamed? angry? jealous? discontent? Yet, did this ever remain. When not fed, feelings leave, disappear. This applies, likewise, to confusion. It is arising within you. Do not deny it, neither attach to it, be with it. In befriending it, the fog of confusion will dissipate into clarity, for it is one with clarity.

So, what orientation are you coming from in your teaching?

No orientation. The Self, like the Source of all, has no ideological campground to tent in. All ideological campgrounds are within the Supreme Being, all campers inside the One. Truth is neither this nor that. So, all I say is a suggestion for you to consider and try out, if you choose. Truth cannot be taught, only its scent can lead one Home. And there is no Christian or Buddhist or Hindu ... truth.

So, you're teaching us freedom by modeling freedom?

If any modeling, freedom is modeling itself, demonstrating itself by being itself. I am modeling nothing, teaching nothing. Freedom is free. Freedom is here, present. If freedom is inspired through this body that many identify with me, that is not my inspiring you. Yet, yes, Grace chooses form to communicate itself, its flavor of love, joy, peace. If you sense that through me, give thanks to the Beloved, this Grace.

Can confusion become overwhelming?

Yes, if you do not befriend it and return to the spaciousness in which it can dissolve in clarity. If you resist it, it intensifies and can bound you in its bewilderment. Fight the fog, and it gets foggier. The inner light of Truth dissipates the fog, so remain one with the Sun of Truth, even amid confusion. And know confusion is not a sign of weakness, rather, it is one with the pathway to insight.

Is this related to how you speak of the playfulness of Grace, or God?

Yes, confusion is energy, and you cannot locate it at any one place. Energy moves. One can become playful with it, when moving outside duality, by appreciating it as a living quality. Rather than confusion as an inert thing, object, it is alive. And the only location for confusion is within the total matrix of life. So, if one relaxes in the Quiet, befriending confusion, confusion is felt as part of the one dance of Being being. So, I say befriend it, but those more interested in a playful view of confusion, I could equally say, "Dance with it" or "Become intimate with and appreciative of its playfulness," even, "Play together with it." We are in trouble, if we take confusion too seriously. Receive confusion with the light touch we have spoken of before, the humor.

So, an answer will arise?

Clarity is not an answer. Clarity is the natural spaciousness in which you are no longer attached to getting an answer. Clarity is the final answer. If an answer arises, okay, if not, okay. Trust that if an answer is needed, it will arise. Regardless, the felt-need for an answer dissolves in the certainty of Truth Itself, and, then, one can relax to receive an answer or not from the innate Light of insight.

This means we aren't to try to use mind to clear up confusion?

Mind is a tool in practical matters, but in matters of which we speak, neither practical nor impractical, matters of pure Spirit, mind cannot go there. Mind can help you resolve a math problem or whether it is or is not time to leave to an appointment. In matters of which we converse, mind cannot reach the answers or clarity known only by releasing the effort to know, to arrive at an answer. Truth shows itself spontaneously, outside cause and effect, it is not arrived at. No amount of steps toward Truth will lead to Truth, for Truth is not the result of progression. Truth is its own Self-Revelation, its own Self-Efflugence. The wise person uses the mind and releases the mind, with awareness of the territory in which mind is not prepared or capable of exploring. Mind can help you to the threshold of Truth, mind must, then, remain outside.

A Beautiful Arrangement

*Brian Wilcox. 'A Beautiful Arrangement'. Flickr

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