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Freedom from the Known


Sep 2, 2018

Saying For Today: Possibly, the best response to Mystery, if a best could be, is laughter. Could it be the freedom we long for is freedom within the Mystery, as part of Mystery? Possibly, yes, we long to be free from the known.


From the perspective of person, Mystery is the elusive unknown, even the spectacular to be sought; from the perspective of Spirit, Mystery is so ordinary, so immediate, It is absolutely impossible to find it, only see It here, now, as It is and always has been timelessly unveiling Itself to you, to everyone.

our relationship with Mystery
leads from finding
to being found
leads from looking for
to being shown
leads from Mystery as an object
to Mystery~with~Mystery
to only Mystery
the seeker becomes the sought
the seeker found to be the sought
is not seeker, is not sought
so passive receptivity to and in Mystery
is the spaciousness for Mystery to be and become

* * *

I have shared the following before, and would like to share it, again, with some different insight ~ for how we see changes over apparent time, while Truth is changeless, for timeless.

* * *

My friend, an Episcopal priest, handed me a written sermon to read. The sermon was by someone else. Why wanting me to read it? Mainly for a story of Mystery.

The Christian clergyperson recalls being a boy playing in the basement of the family home. His dad had told him not to go into the basement. The boy, this day, wandered into the basement. He was digging into the ground, as children often did before modern gadgets kids play with now, and mostly inside. His dad finds the boy in the basement, tells him to leave, and the boy leaves knowing something is in the ground. Just before his dad discovered him on forbidden ground, the son had come upon something in the dirt, but he did not have time to dig it up. He had not dug enough to know what it was.

The family moved from that house. The boy, now the adult clergyperson, shares he has lived in wonderment since, wondering what he almost uncovered, what remains in that basement hidden. He relates, then, on the value of Mystery to our lives.

* * *

I have learned ~ still am learning ~ to love the Mystery and live with the Mystery. Thankfully, I was raised to love the Christian God; while my ideas of that faith and ideas of God have changed, love of that God taught of a Mystery even before the idea of a Christian God, any God. The Mystery, the Truth, simply cannot be communicated by any word. Yet, the word "God" certainly can point well to that before anyone even thought of a god or God. So, at times, I use the word "God," at other times, other words ~ all inept, all potentially as unhelpful as helpful. I do not take this too seriously; words about God, such as "God," are the play of God, just like the dancing leaves or the beating of a heart or the rhapsody of raindrops on a roof.

Everything is one playfulness, one moving which evades the grasp of minds to know about. The only option left ~ to know, which is not knowing about. That raindrop on the roof is the revelation of Mystery. You know the Mystery in knowing the raindrop immediately, in totality, not as an object you know upon: Mystery is Mystery being known within Mystery. Nothing is known as a conception, a knowing as an object outside the self. The raindrops, then, each is Mystery, not merely a communication, a means of, Mystery. So, intelligence can meet and know Mystery; the intellectual is the exclusion of knowing Mystery.

* * *

Surely, to love the Mystery and live with the Mystery is one reality. One cannot but love the Mystery, when living with the Mystery ~ consciously, for, of course, aware or not Mystery is present. The leaf moving in the wind is already Mystery; Mystery never becomes Mystery, so the leaf does not become Mystery. Mystery is in the seeing ~ direct knowing of ~ of Mystery, for Mystery is prior to seeing. Mystery and seeing or one act, not two. Yet, we are accustomed to divide, not see that the appearing is itself what is.

* * *

Yes, I am still learning to live with and love the Mystery. Now, however, this journey seems to be happening, to be unfolding, and my role relatively is to be receptive. When contraction occurs, being aware, the contraction is seen as invitation to relax and opening occurs. All this, too, seems to be happening. I less and less appear to be at the helm of this life ship. And, I manifest more and more as part of the Mystery, rather than being drawn to Mystery.

And, regardless of how I have found answers through many years now of study and spiritual practice, Mystery leads to Mystery. The more I know, the less I know; the less I know, the more I know. There is always something ~ Something ~ immaculately lovely just out of my reach, and for that I am thankful and give thanks. Anything I say of Grace is, at best, a scent of Grace, a scent one may follow to the Truth that is Presence, impersonal, totally unknown in the knowing.

* * *

Now, what is this Mystery? This cannot be told. No answer corresponds to the question. One must taste Love to know Love. And, then, the question dies inside the Love. When known, no answer is needed, neither the question. If a question arises, any response, well, this is that without question and answer playing, moving. For some reason, Grace seems to like to come out and play, to entice, to evoke the search, the lead to a conclusion that is no conclusion at all. Possibly, the best response to Mystery, if a best could be, is laughter. Could it be the freedom we long for is freedom within the Mystery, as part of Mystery? Possibly, yes, we long to be free from the known.

And, the journey to this freedom leads us to what is already, always here, now; yet, it seems, for a human being the journey is essential to see what is here, now. Mystery being here, now, is the inspiration for the pilgrimage, and this pilgrimage may end many times, each end another beginning.

Mystery road

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