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Touch of Grace ~ beautified to beautify

Sep 3, 2018

Saying For Today: Love beautifies us, to beautify. In Grace, we are Grace for each other, we are loved and healed together, in intimacy, in Presence.

Gentle Touch

Through Grace
without any intent
our presence is and becomes graceful
nothing has to be done
nothing has to be said
the Sun shines quietly
Grace silently touches us and through us
with Life

A Sioux Indian story tells of a young flower in a desert growing all by itself. The desert was dry and sad looking. The flower enjoyed each day, and daily it asked the Sun, "When shall I be grown up?” The Sun would reply, "Be patient, each time I touch you, you grow a little." This pleased the little flower, for she only wanted to bring beauty to the desert. One day a hunter came by and stepped on the little flower. She was going to die, and she felt very sad. She was not sad about dying; she was saddened knowing she would not have a chance to bring a little beauty to the world around her. The Great Spirit saw her and listened to her prayer of lament. He thought, “She should be living.” So, the Great Spirit reached down and touched the little flower and gave her life. She grew up to be a lovely flower, being touched daily by the Sun, and her little part of the desert became very beautiful because of her presence.

* * *

Once, a friend visited my apartment, being my first visitor. We talked and we laughed for a while. When she left, I felt blessing, her presence brought beauty to my home and my heart. And, as always when touched by such Presence, I felt gratitude. Yes, when such Grace touches you, like the Sun on the little desert flower, you may find the awareness of Grace awakened within yourself, a Grace already present, lying dormant. Grace awakens to Grace, even as Grace communes with Grace. Grace touches, enlivens, renewing and giving fresh hope in the goodness of Life.

Grace touches us, gives us Life, for the Life communicated to body and mind is not of the body and mind. Why? What is this Grace? This Presence? We can no more know what Grace is as an object other than us, than the little desert flower could know about the Sun blessing her with Life apart from the Sun becoming part of her. Then we know Grace in totality, for Grace shares all of Itself, for Grace is Grace. The knowing of Grace is in the touch of Grace. When awakened to Grace by Grace, we know Grace, even as my friend entered into sharing of Grace with me. This sharing heart-with-heart is the touching, is the connection of Grace meeting Grace. So, such sharing is always graceful, not arising from willpower but a preparedness to be the spaciousness for Grace to arise afresh.

* * *

Grace touches us, sharing Its Life with us. This awakens us to the desire to beautify the world, that when we leave here, the world will be more lovely, more graceful. I know, having been a Chaplain working with the dying and their families, I have seen some of the most lovely persons leaving this world, leaving it a more lovely world due to their having been here. Love beautifies us, to beautify. In Grace, we are Grace for each other, we are loved and healed together, in intimacy, in Presence.

loving hands

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