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a faith within

a loving unknowing

Oct 10, 2018


Whatever you have been told God is is untrue, or God would not be God. That God is God, means pure faith and pure doubt are not opposites, but complementary aspects of one devotion to Truth. So, in the intimacy of Grace, one no longer decides to believe in or not to believe in, to have faith or to have doubt. One can so be intimate with God, God is no more to be seen, even as Love in Itself cannot be seen, as Love loving is itself the seeing. In Love, then, being that God is, is free of both faith and doubt, so each equally within Its embrace expresses freely. So, faith and doubt can be godly, can be loving.

* * *

An agnostic seeker visited a Christian sage. The agnostic had traveled a long distance to ask the sage two questions.

The agnostic said, "Sir, I have asked two questions to many esteemed as wise men and women of faith. Their answers have never been such to aid me to any certainty about faith. I remain agnostic, but I do want to have faith."

The sage asked, "What are your two questions?"

"Who is God?"

The sage remarked, "I really don't know. I once thought I did. Now, what is your second question."

"Do you know God?"

Said the sage, "Some would say I do, some would say I don't. Do you know God?"

The agnostic smiled, and after a pause for reflection, spoke joyfully, "Sir, thank you so much! May I ask you a final question?"


"How soon may I be baptized?"

* * *

What many mean by faith is faith directed toward an object. God, then, is the object of a faith about God. Faith in God, in still being not within, for God is seen as an object, retains itself as faith about God. We, in seeking to know Grace directly, intimately, within come to know we cannot know by the way of knowing. Grace becomes to us the unknown as we become the unknown, and we cannot know the unknown, either God or self, through the known. The apparent knowing of the unknown by the known is taken from us. That which signified God loses its power of attraction.


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Lotus of the Heart > Path of Spirit > faith and doubt and love

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