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The Consoling Darkness

A Prayer

Oct 27, 2019

hidden among the clouds

The Consoling Darkness: A Prayer

My Beloved,
the night has come to me
wrapped in a shroud of darkness has come
smiling, friend or foe I know not, the night has come
has spread itself as a moonless midnight upon me

Beloved, Friend,
I cannot see
I pine for your face
I long for your voice
fingers vainly search through the darkness
I find you not, by you not found
the light now lost to me
I to the light


why no fear
why this welcome not welcomed but felt
why do I so freely give myself to this darkness
why the smile smiling at me that should not be

"It is I"
this whisper like seraphic song
in the air dancing delightfully about me

and I rest in peace
knowing all is well, yes all is well,
silent and solaced within your embrace

*Brian K Wilcox. 10.26.2019

* * *

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