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The Fellowship That Knows Nothing - A Parable

Oct 28, 2020

The Grassland of Pleasant Cove

'The Grassland of Pleasant Cove'

The Creating One finally had a fill of all the religious groups claiming they knew so much about God, as well as arguing about who was right and who not right. After the Infinite One met with the angels, they came up with a plan.

An angel came to Earth in human disguise to start a new communion of worshippers of the One. Many persons who had left religion returned to worshipping together in this new fellowship. It had no confession or creed, prescribed ritual, or hierarchy. Everyone was equal before the Creator Spirit. Attendees - there were no members or effort to recruit anyone to the group - gave inspiring talks when they gathered to meet, but mostly they sat quietly so the Spirit could speak to each one's heart.

If there were unwritten rules in these meetings, this included two. There was no speculation. Also, attendees knew not to criticize what anyone felt to be her experience of the Creator Spirit. Attendees rejoiced to know different persons were experiencing the Infinite differently.

Freewill offerings of money, food, or other goods funded the group. No one had to pledge to give, and no records of giving were kept. Each attendee prayed and gave as he or she felt led inwardly. Most of the gifts went to help persons in need in the local community.

Eventually, enough of these fellowships grew up to be able to fund a school for training. The school trained persons to help attendees in unlearning much of what they had been taught to be able to listen anew to the Spirit.

This communion was small compared to the traditional groups. But the Spirit and angels were glad to have begun a fellowship not equating "the faith" or "orthodoxy" or "tradition" with truth. They were gladdened to witness a group that could see anew and remain open to continuing revelation and welcome how truth appears differently to persons and peoples.

Some participants liked to call the group "The Fellowship That Knows Nothing." For, indeed, in not claiming to know anything absolutely, they could be receptive to listening anew to the Truth among them. And the Truth was to them Nothing, for It certainly was not something.

If you want to sail the Ocean of God, throw your oars overboard. Otherwise, you will only find yourself pulled back to shore.
Peace to All!

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*(C) Brian K. Wilcox, 2020

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