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a quiet beauty ~ Light breathing itself inside

Oct 30, 2019

Together in the Light

If we cannot be silent, how shall we hear what does not appear but with the leisure of time? Silence gives birth, and the offspring blesses the one who can bear with quietude in grateful expectation, even as the farmer waits for the fruit of labors to arise from the once fallow ground and the forest veiled with dark lingers to welcome the soon morning Sun.

The Beloved ...
fire consuming the veils between us
burning up all our words, all our feelings
awakening the heart of True Lovers
to the quiet beauty of the Heavens
moving mutely among us

What is this that moves between us? among us? We see space, even through space to the other, the mind says to us. You are there, I am here, we have been told since we could remember and before ~ who decided where here and there is, or if such even truly is? The illusion is that the space supposedly here and there is a vacancy, emptiness devoid of anything. We see nothing, we do not realize nothing is something. We think that space is not moving, stillness is stationary. The biggest illusion is that we are the only ones present, that togetherness just means you and I, or we, nothing more. We live in a much too limited world, much too limited. We would do well to open the windows and let the Light breathe itself inside. We might see more than we have ever seen before, even though less, and even with our eyes closed.

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Lotus of the Heart > Path of Spirit > the mystery of divine presence present

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