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Shapeless Mystery Moves

Heart Abloom

Apr 17, 2018


shapeless Mystery moves
silently and unseen
between souls attuned
to Love by Love

* * *

Cynthia Bourgeault, in Love is Stronger than Death, reflects on words of her 'deceased' soulmate, a monk named Rafe. She writes, "At any rate, this is the path I am walking, and the roadmap insofar as I am able to understand it. But I am reminded of Rafe’s words, in one of those times of forgiveness after the storm, 'I tried to give it a shape, but it has no shape. All I can do is open my heart more and more deeply.'"

* * *

all about
all things born are dying
the Heart remains
eternally abloom

what can be said
to describe Love like that

absolutely nothing

fish swim
under the surface
only those who know Silence

enough said ~
words keep pulling us
back to shore

~~ silence ~~

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