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Reeling Drunken Inside You

Closer Than Either

Nov 27, 2015


Everyone is Welcome Here

Living in LOVE beyond Beliefs

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Before going further and attempting to describe this new way of seeing, I would like to say that after discovering God Everywhere - or His Oneness, as I called it - I was compensated a thousandfold for the bewildering loss of a personal God within. It seems I had first to move through the personal and then the impersonal before I realized God was closer than either and beyond them both.

*Bernadette Roberts. The Experience of No-Self: A Contemplative Journey

Reeling Drunken

I confess...
I belong to nothing and
I'm awake in the wee hours,
while others sleep ... Loving and

I confess...
I lost my religion (Thank You, My Beloved! painful, sweet death) and
I have few friends (almost none) and

I confess...
I have little sense of direction and
I live confused and

I confess... gladly and
I stay intoxicated
have for many years and

Lost inside this Loving...
reeling drunken by the Beloved in the Beloved - You - and
somewhat different than most persons,
but I don't care for

this Wine has taken
my life away... so, don't
ask me to act like those
who live among the sober and sane

I confess...
gladly... yes,
so gladly...
with no intent to repent,
I'm guilty of all this

*AREM .♥


I think if you would meet most awakened beings, you would find they relate deeply on a one-to-one basis with few, one, or maybe no one. I mean, the more you evolve, the fewer persons you can relate to at that consciousness from which you see everything anew, again and again. You can love them all, but who do you deeply share with? How does one in transpersonal awareness share deeply with someone in personal consciousness? for example. And most persons in religion and spirituality, as persons in general, or still in personal consciousness, for that is where our species has evolved to, and we have not evolved out of that as a species. See, when two persons, one in personal and one in transpersonal meet, it's like being from two different planets. So, I think part of the price for evolution into post-rational, transpersonal knowing, with transpersonal Love, is you'll discover you're mostly alone, even if you're surrounded by many persons, and even among many who talk much about spirituality and love. So, to have peace about that, you just accept it's a natural consequence of dedication to living beyond where most persons are ready to live - a Gift of Grace. This may sound arrogant, but it just is. And when you see the world differently, you're not being prideful to see that. See it and accept the consequences is my recommendation. And know few persons are going to understand you, or even try to understand you, and many will avoid you, if you try to share what you see with them. So, accept that. You learn not to share, but to be quiet about what you know beyond even experience, beyond 'God" or 'No-God.' When you do that, an amazing peace about aloneness will arise, and you'll feel honored to feel and be alone for what you know that sets you apart. But you realize, too, that it's not about you, for you is only an expression of Awareness, of Love, of Grace, that itself comes and goes. Or, we could say, Something is there, maybe at times showing up as a 'you,' but Something really is all there is, finally. We could call that Something "Spirit," or "God," or "the Light," but, finally, you just don't name it or give it a title. These may arise and be used in varied contexts, but you no longer take them seriously in themselves. Any word is away from Life, from You. You know That, for you are known by That, knowing knowing.

*Arem Nahariim-Samadhi

* * *

Simon Blue,

The Sacred in Me bows to the Sacred in You


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