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An Elusive Presence

The Ungraspable You

Jul 2, 2018

Saying For Today: So, now, you are learning to relax into yourself behind the faces you wear.


Everyone is Welcome Here

Living in LOVE beyond Beliefs


They ignore,
two look at him funny, oddly,
as though grasping into space,
as though you can actually hold air in the hand
by grabbing at it, trying to capture the elusive,
the fluidity that cannot be held but holds in
its gentle embrace all things, all persons -
the ego wants to capture, so control, mystery,
even when still calling it mystery or Mystery.

He relaxed -
someone or something looks through the eyes
at the personalities,
the movement of persons,
back and forth, moving among each other.
No judgment, only seeing, unmediated knowing.

One seeing from the Heart sees all -
better, the Heart who sees through one sees all -,
no place remains to meet,
only observe in contented being and quiet joy.

Just here, and Here.

Two look at him, cannot find the Ground to meet.
Like feet dangling in mid-air
searching for familiar ground.

Interesting, how persons looking as person
get confused when they lose control of knowing
a place to meet anyone so here and relaxed,
while Presence sees through eyes on it all -
dispassionate, passive, alive, fully present,
for This is Presence -
not personality,
not person,
not I or me or myself,
not male or female,
not a color or race,
not a religion,
not right or wrong,
not anything or anyone.

Two did connect, one especially so.
She came from a place no one else there did.

Walking away quietly. Driving away slowly.
What comes to awareness? "Elusive Presence."
Yes, Elusive Presence. Not presence, but Presence.

Now, enjoying a bookstore,
now, the pet store to get the doggy some special food - a surprise for her -,
now, enjoying some coffee,
now and now and now ... Presence, elusive, intimate, alive.

There remains smiling... smiling at it all, in Love,
while Someone keeps seeing through eyes all over the world.

* * *

As you draw closer to Grace, you may see and sense others losing a hold on how to relate with you. You can see this in the eyes, feel it in the body. They may be bemused. They may be afraid. They may be curious. They may be mean. They may try to get you to fit again. They do not realize you have discovered you do not fit in, never did, never could, and all you have suffered by not fitting in has kindly, even when painfully, led you to celebrate not-fitting-in-ness, to bow to you yourself that never did can will fit in anywhere.

You are manifesting as you wild, unpredictable, unalterable, irreprocabable, irreplaceable, unreproducible, and glorious. You are totally unutterable and intangible. You before all the yous is the one truth behind every mask in intelligence you choose to wear. You know you are that wearing masks to play a part in this world, this does not present a problem for you, and you do this to bless others and enjoy Life.

And, now, you are ready to accept as okay that others do not know how to receive you. You do not judge them for that. You love them. You do not intend to make them uncomfortable; neither, however, will you agree to delimit the truth of who you are to make them comfortable.

So, now, you are learning to relax into yourself behind the faces you wear. You are so much more, more than you dreamed possible, more than anyone told you; yes, more and before that.

Now, you can relax and reflect, breathing calmly and gladly, being grateful for all the pleasures and hurts, all the joys and sadnesses, all the loves and lost loves, all the dreaming and realized dreams and broken dreams, all those who have been drawn to you and drawn away from you ... all that has led you home. I would recommend you stop, now, and celebrate that you have not only survived, you have thrived, and the best is yet to come, for now you know that you are and, knowing that, you will learn how easily to live it in the most natural way.

You are like the scent of the Rose,
spreading grace without having even
to intend to or plan how to.
You are that naturally amazing!


* * *

*All material, unless another source is cited, is authored by the presenter of Lotus of Heart, Brian Kenneth Wilcox, Florida USA. Use of the material is permitted; Brian only requests that credit be given and to be notified at 77ahavah77@gmail.com .

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The Sacred in Me bows
to the Sacred in You


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