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Path of Spirit

February 2005

Feb 28, 2005

Eros: Fanning Into Flame, Again
One Coitus of Passion
Saying For Today: ""I am focused on the good. I see the world as a realm of positive opportunity." Julia Cameron, Answered Prayers: Love Letters from the Divine"

Feb 27, 2005

Breakfast, Flowers: Wonderful Presence! Beautiful Presence! YOU.
(w/concluding poetic stanza on “YOU”)
Saying For Today: "Can you be here, now, without it having to be on to somewhere else?"

Feb 27, 2005

But I Haven’t Died Yet
Saying For Today: "We all live in the paradox that we know more than we think we know and know much less than we assume we know."

Feb 10, 2005

Visiting Writer Essays, No. 1: "Sacred Space"
by Trudy Rankin

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