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Path of Spirit

April 2017

Apr 27, 2017

Two & One Icon
Icons for Each Other

Apr 22, 2017

She & I & We Two Too
This Intimatic Transcendence
Saying For Today: "Surely, I see, I would not want a transcendence without her now, here, for that would be without she and I, and the relational withinness would not be. Why would I wish such a negation in denial of she and I, in loss of our being fulfilled within this fulfillment in that which gives her to me, and I to her?"

Apr 12, 2017

With Her ~ Together, In Love
Drawn by Love to Love

Apr 7, 2017

What nor Why
Befuddling Sentences on this Loving
Saying For Today: "The questions remain, now, for Love does not yield to our answers, only gives Itself to our recognition, even as in some way we give ourselves to each other in this mystery of Love happening, showing Itself, and hiding from us. But we say "Yes," yes. "Why?" I do not know."

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