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Path of Spirit

August 2015

Aug 30, 2015

The Rose
Temple of Love

Aug 29, 2015

Voice in the Dark
Only Time

Aug 28, 2015

Good Biscuits & Good Life

Aug 27, 2015

Moon In Your Arms
Too Much Heaven

Aug 26, 2015

One Embrace
Knowing My True Name

Aug 25, 2015

Yes & No & Yes & No
Vast Openness

Aug 24, 2015

Basic Naturalness
Let There Be Peace

Aug 23, 2015

Kissing Your Heart
The Enchantment

Aug 22, 2015

God Trampling God
Submerged in the Mystery

Aug 20, 2015

Your Garden
Sweet Cherry Wine

Aug 18, 2015

Connected & Connecting
People Get Together

Aug 17, 2015

Windows of Light
One Light & One We & One Christ

Aug 16, 2015

A Peace From No One
Silence and Apperances

Aug 15, 2015

Anger & Humanness & Love
Everybody Hurts
Saying For Today: "What matters is I, finally, could feel that even anger has a place in my embracing my full humanness, in honoring how Sacredness, how Grace, manifests in the human body."

Aug 14, 2015

We Is
Let The Sunshine In

Aug 13, 2015

Such Loveliness As This
Ocean Deep

Aug 7, 2015

Wine Tasting Itself
Prayer of Passive Love

Aug 5, 2015

My Beautiful Run-Of-The-Mill Life
Wild World

Aug 4, 2015

Practicing Uselessness
Long Time Sun

Aug 3, 2015

Real with them
I will lay me down
Saying For Today: "We could say the principal aim of Love in caring for others is to be real when with them."

Aug 2, 2015

An Awe-Full Place
Cinta Mani Cakra Dharani

Aug 1, 2015

Communion deeper than skin
Oneness happening

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